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Beautiful natural black 100%  alpaca yarn produced by our 2 year old alpaca called Ciara.  Soft and silky to feel and work with.

Approx 50gms/60m per hank in 8ply.

Perfect for any garment and will give items a natural drape.  Alpaca is at least 3 x warmer than 100% wool.

Recommended needles 3 25mm - 4mm

Alpaca is a gentle hand wash only yarn in cool or cold water with a mild detergent.  Soak your garment and squeeze water through it.  Do not agitate or it will felt.

Roll in a towel to remove excess water.  Pull gently back into shape, dry flat and in the shade.

Store your garments flat or rolled only to maintain shape and size.

Natural Black Alpaca 8ply

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