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A fast becoming a favourite cardigan pattern designed by NZ knitting designer Libby Jonson at Truly Myrtle.

FLOOZY is an easy pattern that is knitted from the top down, with a beautifully designed yoke. The beauty with this yoke is there is only every one yarn colour worked in each row, due to working slipped stitches in a mosaic design. 

This is so much easier than carrying all the colours of yarn across each row! That has to be a big plus, especially for less experienced knitters.

Yarn used is 4ply and we have gorgeous colours in stock that you could mix and match in both merino/nylon/silk blends, or merino/silk blends and even 100% alpaca would make a luxurious FLOOZY.

Size of pattern starts at 32.5cm - 59.75cm bust, calculated with cardigan buttoned up.

Cardigan can be made with a shorter body and sleeve length if desired.

If you are wanting particular colours and quantities so they are all from a batch of dyed yarn, please send us a message/email, and we will be very happy to discuss your personal  requirements.

FLoozy Cardigan 4 ply Pattern

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