Dolly cardigan pattern yarn kit allows you to buy the amount of yarn required for your size rather than buying full hanks of yarn only.

This kit will provide you with
500gms (2000m) of the main colour A
50gms(200m)  of colour B and
25gms (100m) of colour C

The yarn in this kit will be 85% merino and 15% silk that is super soft and silky giving you the perfect amount drape so your Dolly will not be droopy.

You choose your colours from our website.  When you get to the checkout in the NOTES box,  you can list which colours you want for A, B, and C in the quantities  listed above.  

Please ensure you choose and pay for the kit that has the correct amount of yarn you need.

Alternatively, add which hanks you want to your cart if you are not wanting a kit of yarn.

Please send a question if you would like to clarify anything or would like to know anything at all.  

I am very happy to take photos of hanks of yarn,side by side, to help you pick just the right combo of colours for your Dolly.

Dolly Kit 575gms You Choose Your Colours