This kit is for those needing 4 x 100gm hanks of main colour + the 50gms and 25gms mini hanks.

If you need more than 4 x 100gm hanks for the main colour, please select from the other Dolly Kits with the amounts you require.

So you have decided to make a Dolly cardigan but you don't want to spent the extra money on full hanks of yarn when you only need 50gms and 25gms for the yoke colour work.

I will provide you with the following amounts of yarn.  You just need to add a note in the NOTES BOX at the check out which colour you want for the main shade, the 50gms and the 25gms.  

400gms (1600m) of MAIN COLOUR + 
50gms (200m) hank of colour in your choice from the website +
25gm (100m) mini hank of colour in your choice from the website.

All yarn must be chosen from the merino/silk colours available.

85/15 merino silk yarn base that is super soft and silky.  Your Dolly will have a perfect amount of drape that will not create a droppy Dolly cardigan!

This yarn is gentle machine washable.
We are happy to work with you so you get the best colour combo.  This means I am more than happy to take photos of yarn colour combos and send to you before you purchase.

Dolly Kit 475gms You choose your colours